Race Calendar


April: Eugene Marathon: 3:58:42  Homegirl’s first marathon, aww…

June: Run For the Love of Dove 5K: 21:44, 4th place women overall, 1st in AG  yeah yeah! (it was a small race, but who’s counting?)

July: Wildwood Trail Half Marathon: 2:00:46  woo what a hill…  great race!

October: Portland Marathon: 3:50:57

Run Like Hell 5K: 21:32, 2nd in AG  as Catwoman!!

December:  Jingle Bell Run 5K 34:55 or so, pacing a friend who had a goal time of under 35 minutes.

Holiday Half Marathon 1:42:16, new PR with Energy Bits as fuel!


January: MacAss 25K Mountain Run.  Aw, couldn’t run due to the medical emergency…

February: Hagg Lake Mud Run 50K  (yes that’s 50K, not 5… what did I get myself into?!)  Couldn’t run this one either…

May 18: Born to Run 50k, Los Olivos, CA!! First Ultra: 5:16:20 8th place women

June 9: Valley Crest Half Marathon, Tarzana, CA: 1:53:19, 2nd in AG!


What happened?! Lol, I promise I ran in the last 4 years, lots of fun races, but I won’t focus on the past, at least for now.

March: Santa Barbara 9 Trails 35 miler

May: Born to Run 10 miler

October: Rocky Peak 50k (October 14)

December: Ray Miller 50 miler (December 2)

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