Must Reads/Must Sees

Must Reads:

  1. Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.  Duh.
  2. Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler. Also duh.
  3. Eat and Run by Scott Jurek.  My favorite vegan ultra runner, lots of good recipes in here!
  4. Barefoot Running Step by Step by Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton.  The original barefooter shares his almighty wisdom.
  5. Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnaze.
  6. Mad Cowboy by Howard Lyman.  The story of a vegan former cattle rancher.

Must Sees:

  1. Forks Over Knives. Amazing.  Examines the China Study and follows 2 doctors who find that our well known diseases of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, etc are virtually non existent within populations that eat plant based foods.  Probably my favorite documentary.
  2. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.  Hysterical Australian man decides that he should come to America to go on a 40 day juice fast to try to cure his illnesses stemming from his obesity and poor overall health.  He decides on America because he wants to put himself in the middle of all the horrible foods he likes to eat while challenging himself to do this juice fast.  What better place then America, with all our horrible, fatty foods?  Yikes!  Great documentary.
  3. Food Inc. America’s corporate controlled food industry.  Really scary stuff! Monsanto anyone?  Guarantee you’ll never eat chicken or beef again.
  4. The Beautiful Truth. Examines the Gerson Therapy, a natural cancer treatment consisting of a plant based diet, this is really amazing!  But unfortunately, no other cancer treatment can be utilized in the US except for chemotherapy and radiation.  The Gerson treatment center is located in Tijuana as it would be illegal in the US to treat cancer naturally. This is really sad!
  5. Food Matters.  “Let thy food be thy medicine.”  Another favorite.  Examines fast food industry as well as pharmaceutical companies.  HUGE eye opener!  “It’s a choice. You don’t have to be sick.”
  6. Unbreakable. The running of the Western States 100 miler.

6 Replies to “Must Reads/Must Sees”

  1. I agree with you 100%!!! I adopted a vegan last summer after reading Dr. Joel Furman’s book “Eat to Live”. A few months later I ran (and won) my 1st ultramarathon. Have you seen the film on Netflix “Hungry for Change”? That is hands down the most life-changing documentary I’ve ever watched. Another great read is “Excitiotoxins: The Taste That Kills” by neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock. Thanks for sharing your journey! Good luck!!!!

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