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IMG_7812Where do I begin?  My name is Leigh Scarber.  I am a physical therapist living in Ventura, CA who has a love for minimalist and barefoot running.  My running is fueled by delicious veggies and plant based foods, a loving, hyperactive triathlete/surfer husband, an undying love for the great outdoors, and my beautiful, wild son who inspires me to make him proud.  I am a marathoner and ultramarathoner on a journey to discover just how far I can go, and just how many things I can learn on the way.

Every day, I get asked why I do what I do.  Why do you run barefoot?  Why do you wear those crazy toe shoes?  Why don’t you eat beef?  Wait, you don’t eat chicken either?  My answer to these questions usually goes something like this: “How much time do you have?  Let me tell you!!”

My mission is to educate friends, family, and anyone willing to listen about the joys of running and eating well.  I truly believe that everyone can run and that everyone can live at their body’s full potential. So I ask you to come with me on this journey of the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright hilarious adventures that I’ve been on and that I’ll embark upon in the years to come.

I graduated from West High School in 2003 in Knoxville, TN, home of the Rebels.  I then went on to study exercise science at the University of Tennessee where I graduated in 2007 with my B.S in Exercise Science.  After that, I went even further down south to University of St. Augustine in sunny St. Augustine, FL for physical therapy school where I graduated in 2009 with my doctorate in physical therapy.  In 2014, I received my GCS (Geriatric Clinical Specialist) through the APTA.

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      1. Hi Leigh, I was actually nominated my missmarzipan.com. i am also new to all this dear.. may be i will ask her.. i don’t think you can nominate me.. :-000

      2. Hey there, got the answer by searching on google. You can copy the logo and post on your web and nominate other 14 nominees.
        Its yours sit back and enjoy!

        Thank You.

  1. Hi Leigh! I found your blog via Run with Kate’s blog and am looking forward to following along. Ever since connecting with Kate, she and I always marvel at the many things we have in common. I’m starting to think I have quite a few things in common with you, too! Well, at least some things. 🙂 For starters, I live in Portland, too. And I’m a vegetarian as well. And I’m currently wearing toe spacers provided to me by Dr. Ray McClanahan — my favorite podiatrist! Oh and I’m a marathoner and fellow blogger (although I’m relatively new on the blogging scene!)

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and I’ll look for you out on the trails of WW. You’ll be easy to spot as the barefoot runner. I’ll be the one who is working my way towards a more minimalist shoe. 🙂


    1. Hi Kristen!! I’m so glad you found me! I look forward to reading your blog too 🙂 I am also new to the blogging scene since October, so I’m still figuring everything out! Yes, please look for me on WW, I’m not always barefoot on there, I’m wearing VFF’s a lot of the time too. So weird that you’ve seen Dr. Ray!! It’s such a small world. Yes I’ve really loved Kate’s blog too, I think she’s a fantastic inspiration. I look forward to keeping in touch!

  2. Hi Leigh–I enjoy reading your blog–thanks for including me on your blogroll. Here’s another “small world”connection–my nephew is a St. Augustine DPT grad also. Cavan McFerran, ’10. 🙂

    1. You’re kidding!! I can’t believe that, I don’t know Cavan, but I’m sure I’d recognize him if I saw him. I’ll look him up 🙂 Yes, I love reading your blog as well, you’re very entertaining! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. Listen miss Leigh, we have a LOT to talk about. First things first, what the heck is wrong with you? 🙂 Leaving Portland?! Why, oh why would you guys do that? There is no better place on Earth to live than Portland. It is our biggest regret in life, ever leaving Portland. We (my wife and I) lived in Beaverton and worked in North Portland. We regretted moving, almost immediately. Now we live in (and loathe) California. Once we get past that hurdle, we can talk about your running and vegetarianism. I’m a food writer and freelancer, mid-distance runner and outdoor enthusiast. I am currently one of the principal food/recipe writers for The Plant-Based Diet (http://www.theplantbaseddiet.com) and the sister site Live Fit Magazine. Would love to hear more about the barefoot thing. Well, I’m going to enjoy your blog for sure. Maybe you’ll enjoy reading mine, at http://www.runwritedig.com

    There’s still time to talk some sense into Mike, and talk him out of his fascination with California. 🙂

    1. Oh wow!! Not good to hear that you’re loathing Cali! To look at the bright side, we can always move back to Portland if we hate it 😉 we actually live in Beaverton as well, small world. What part of Cali do you live? Love to hear more and I will check out your site when I get a chance, we are currently vacationing in beautiful Colorado and Jackson Hole, Wy!

  4. Hello Leigh, I have been reading your blog for a while now and love it! You have some great tips and learning experiences that all barefoot runners can learn from. In one of your articles about inside ankle pain, you mentioned that you would write a followup article on “top of foot pain”, but I didn’t see that come out yet. I have been experiencing this actually right behind my toes (which is weird) and I’ve been running in Five Fingers for 3 years. So…Q1: Can you write something on TOF pain? and Q2: Do you have any references to a PT here in the Kansas City area that I could visit? If I was in Portland, I’d just go to you. Ha. Thank you ma’am!!!

    1. Jerry,
      Thanks for reading! I have been slacking SO much! Thank you for lighting the fire underneath me to make a post about top of the foot pain, as that is definitely one of my most common questions I get. No, I haven’t written that yet, but yes I will very soon. Did you increase your mileage recently? Change the surface you run on? Change your style of VFF? Change your strength routine? Unfortunately I don’t know any PT’s in Kansas City 😦

    2. I just did a little searching around Kansas City, and I didn’t come up with much as far as barefoot specialists. I did however find Active Health Solutions which is actually a Chiropractic office. I don’t typically recommend Chiropractics, but these guys apparently did a talk about barefoot running at some point, so they might be of help. They look like they’re right outside of KC. Also, I would check with your local track club KC track to see if they have any recommendations, there’s bound to be at least one barefooter in there 🙂

  5. Hi Leigh, this message is intended to be viewed by only you since I can’t find your email addy on the website. I stumbled on your website as I was goggling “barefoot ankle injuries.” I’m sort of trying out minimalist shoes while walking to strengthen my feet (I also do strengthening exercises). After a 2 year bout of lower leg, foot, and ankle pain I decided to try strengthening my legs again, which previously failed, but so far it’s been working better than all the other things I’ve tried. I can go on and on with my problems but I’ll cut to the chase and say that I noticed you even reference people to specialists/physical therapists that believe the barefoot approach. Would by any chance you would recommend any in the Los Angeles/ South Bay area? I live in Torrance, CA but would travel as far as Irvine, CA to anyone that would support people who go barefoot. Thanks.

    1. Hi Carlos! My email address is moffettleigh@yahoo.com. I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus from my website since I’ve been studying for a certification in March. I don’t know anyone in those areas, but I would be happy to do a bit of research for you and see what I come up with on the internet. I will try to be back with you in a few days!

  6. I found your blog because I was trying to find a physical therapist who wouldn’t steer me away from minimalist/barefoot running. I’m in San Diego so if in your search for Carlos above- if you found anyone in SoCal- preferably in my neck of the woods I would love the recommendation!

  7. I am a minimalist runner. I have worn Vibrams for the past 5 years and have had 2 stress fractures. What is another type of minimalist shoe you would recommend? I want something light with not a great deal of cushioning as my back and knees hurt when I used regular shoes.

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