How to Have Your Best Marathon with ENERGYbits

Mike and I are getting settled into Ventura, CA, and I have lots of great posts coming! In the meantime, here is a great tip sheet from that describes how to have your best marathon using ENERGY Bits for fuel.  I was able to run 20 glorious miles this weekend using Energy Bits, and it was perhaps the most blissful run of my life in sunny CA.  That is, until I almost stepped on a rattlesnake sitting just off the trail.  But, the snake was just protecting himself afterall…. Good luck and run happy 🙂 And watch out for rattlesnakes!! Although my friends at Muleshoe Ranch might be able to tell me what kind of rattlesnake this is… stay tuned!  MARATHON RUNNING Have Your Best Marathon with ENERGYbits

20 miles on the trail with Energy Bits!
20 miles on the trail with Energy Bits!
The rattle snake that did not like to share the trail with me…


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5 Replies to “How to Have Your Best Marathon with ENERGYbits”

  1. Hey Leigh – I found your blog by way of energybits. Since you’ve been using them long distance, I’ve got a question for you. What’s your method for successful ingestion while running? I’m mostly an indoor runner, so the times I’ve used them mid-run, I’ve simply stopped while refilling water and downed them. How do you get them from pouch to mouth without losing any? About how many to you take at a time? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Jen!! So sorry it took me a few days to respond, I don’t know how I missed your comment. Great question!! They are a little tricky but I have to admit I’ve gotten better at taking them down. I always use them for runs 8-10+ miles, so I always have water with me as well. I will either use the pouch and dump them into my mouth as best I can (I usually lose a few) or aluminum foil/parchment paper folded up. The foil and especially the parchment paper can be used as a little funnel to get them into your mouth! That’s what I used for my 50k that I did. During the ultra, I took 40 bits every hour, but 30 would’ve done the trick. I usually take 30 at a time while running every 45-1hour and split that into two swallows so I don’t get choked up. I always swallow them with a few gulps of water. I hope this helps!! Let me know if I can help any other way. Again, I’m sorry I missed your comment!!

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