Even Justin Timberlake Likes Spirulina: “Bring It On Down to Veganville!”

Ok, Justin Timberlake is for real, everywhere right now.  Since his new album dropped last week (I feel really street when I say album dropped) and before that, he’s been all over.  He even “took over” my radio station for an hour the other day. This guy has power.  He appeared on SNL recently for yet another sure to be classic song called “Bring It On Down to Veganville.”  I was laughing so hard I almost peed my pants!  Hilarious little diddy, but a very important message.  Pay close attention to the line, “spirulina all in my shake!” So you might’ve seen this already, but just in case, here it is:


And don’t forget to go to http://www.energybits.com and use the code

BAREFOOT for 30% off a bag of Energy Bits, 100% pure, organically

grown spirulina 🙂

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