Why Does a Barefoot Runner Want So Many Running Shoes??

That is the question… seriously though, look at all these beauties!!  I have a serious problem!

Minimalist Running Craze

Do you have too many running shoes?  How about gear?  I love it!

9 Replies to “Why Does a Barefoot Runner Want So Many Running Shoes??”

    1. I actually don’t! Haha, I got them from my mom (we wear the same size) who didn’t like them either. I thought I would try them even though I haven’t been nuts about them when I’ve tried them on. I love the way they look, so I wanted to like them 😉 But my problem with them has always been that they feel tight and binding around the midfoot and forefoot, which doesn’t seem to allow proper mechanics of the foot during running. I think it’s subtle, but I definitely notice it. I think it would be good for someone who is really unsure about running in minimalist footwear, it certainly “holds everything together” to provide the “support” that some people really want in a shoe. If you try them, be sure to let me know what you think!!

  1. That’s too funny. I was planning on posting something similar just a few days ago but that same day I ordered yet another new pair so I was waiting until they arrive. They should get to me by the end of the week.

  2. This one made me chuckle and right on the mark 🙂
    And you are soo right, with 6 pairs of five fingers (KSO, Speed, Seeya x 2, Speed XC, Spyridon), a pair of Vivo Neo trail and vivo Ra (to go with my business suits). I guess I hear you 🙂

    1. I love it!! I want to invent some better looking “barefoot style” ladies shoes. Then I’ll have to repost this pic again… Vivo offers the Mary Janes for women, but they are still pretty fug looking. The Vivo Ras are awesome! I’ve actually recommended those before!

      1. True, There is a very real lack of a truly feminine and stylish shoe, I would love to sneak a pair into my girlfriends collection, but she has not bought into the current designs available.

        I think well designed barefoot shoes in general are very difficult, at least from a “fit into the shod world” point of view. Business use on the male side is a bit of the same. the Ra is the only option here and such a life saver for me, but a wide toebox is just not very fashionable when talking business shoes.

        For anything other than business use, I love my fivefingers, though I do strap into my nike frees when fivefingers are a little too unusual or if my girlfriend ask for it.

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