Goodbye Oregon, Hello California! Happy Trails…

Well, it’s official.  Mike and I gave notice to our wonderful director at work on Friday that we will be setting sail in February.  Since we both work for the same company, we decided it was only fair to give a 2 month notice in order to give them plenty of time to fill the positions.  It’s a scary thing, really, when you love a place and you’re comfortable there to find the courage to spread your wings. I was feeling that 12-21-12 was going to be the beginning of a new era, and so it is.  It just so happens to be exactly 2 months from when we are planning for our last day.

2.5 years ago, Oregon was supposed to be a temporary stop on our way to California.  This place is something special, I guess!  I said a long time ago, this city has soul, and I think it always will.  Mike and I have really grown here, both individually and as a couple.  I found a love for trail running, barefoot running, racing, and eatin’ greens.  Mike also found a love for trail running, triathloning (is that a word?) and snowboarding.  And all of the sudden, we have incredible friends and relationships that we didn’t think we’d find here.  All of the sudden, it feels like home.  And now, we’re leaving.  Why?  I’m glad you asked.

Ever since I met Mike, he’s been California dreamin’.  Mike is more at home in the water than most people, and definitely more so than anyone I’ve met.  He lives for the ocean, it gives him energy and then quiets him.  This is important, because otherwise, he has so much energy he bounces all over the house and he’s difficult to deal with.  And all this after he’s run for 10 miles, completed a Suffer Fest video on the bike trainer, and lifted weights.  I’m exhausted just watching him. The only thing that seems to wear him out is surfing, and so we’ve come to the conclusion that we need to live basically on the coast.  But, I will go crazy if I’m taken away from trails for running, so we found the seemingly perfect place: Ventura County, CA.

Ok, ok, so we haven’t been there yet.  We’ve been on a trip to Northern California and Southern California, but never anywhere Central.  In March, we are going to meet up with the family to check out Ventura County and of course, Santa Barbara for vacation.  There’s supposedly good surf there, and supposedly good trails nearby to explore.  I’ve also heard there’s mountain lions… I will crap my pants if I see a mountain lion.  Please, someone tell me they’re just a myth?  Like sharks, right?  Sharks are the main reason I don’t surf more!

So the world didn’t end Friday, but it did signify the beginning of a new era and a new adventure for us.  We can’t wait to live in a sunnier, drier place and begin to lay down some roots.  We’re looking forward to buying a house and becoming part of a new community.  That being said, we sure are going to miss Portland!  What an incredible place we chose to start our lives together.  Portland will always feel like home and I think our new friends are going to turn into old friends.  And I’m definitely going to leave my heart on the Wildwood Trail, where I found myself and my love of running.

Ventura, CA
Ventura, CA

5 Replies to “Goodbye Oregon, Hello California! Happy Trails…”

  1. Don’t worry too much about the lions. I’m sure they exist, but attacks on humans are so rare. There are tons of lions in AZ and I’ve spent many days hiking by myself and have seen very, very few and they were very far away when I saw them (except once crossing the road, but I was in my car). Where I live and run now has a healthy lion population and I see their tracks regularly, but no lions so far. We’ve been here a year and spend hours outside hiking, running, or walking everyday.

    Central CA is beautiful and I can’t imagine there isn’t great trail-running there (there are great trails!). Good luck!

  2. Congrats! I’m excited for you – our stories sound similar and my husband and I are considering making a move as well despite having great jobs and friends in our current city. Your post was reassuring that we’ll come to the right decision too and be happier for it.

  3. Oh, no! Somehow I missed this post and am just now finding out that you are moving! I’m sure it will be an awesome move for you guys and you’ll love the weather and running trails down there. But you will be missed in Portland, even thought I’ve never actually met you! I always am on the lookout for you when I’m on the trails in Forest Park. 🙂

    1. I know I wish we’d gotten to run together! I probably won’t be doing too much more running on the trails with the time I have left here, I have to be able to run first 🙂 I’ve kept my eyes open for you too! If you ever venture down to Cali though and want to explore some trails, let me know! I always love running buddies!

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